Our Story

Our Roots

DBL XP Labs came about from a simple premise: Use our knowledge & background in the health industry and love for gaming to bring fun and useful products to the community. The original idea for “Metabolic Bioshock” started back in 2017 and was ready to bring something fun and exciting to the gaming community…then, such is life, things came up and pushed it back. As with all good stories, eventually, something strange happened.

Coming Together

Fast forward to 2019: 3 Phone calls, 1 Re-connection and 2 meetings occurred and DBL XP Labs was founded. The product that had been relegated to cold storage saw the light of day and began to grow from an idea into a reality. Everyone agreed that this product was something we owed to a hobby that had given us so much enjoyment over the years (in some cases dating back to the days of 8-bit gaming).


We wanted to understand what people liked, didn’t like and what was missing from the existing landscape. Our formula wasn’t just going to be another “healthy” alternative energy drink; it had to do something different. R&D worked to create a smooth ride up and down on the energy matrix, coupled with Vitamins and Anti-oxidants and topped off with ingredients for vision health support. And let’s not forget 1 other big piece: Make sure it tastes amazing. Iterations later, we were pleased with the formula and the fact that it built on going beyond what’s become “standard” for the category. Countless flavor samples later, we had our finished product ready to be enjoyed by those looking for that something extra to boost their day and performance.