DBL XP Labs OG Shaker


  • 16oz. Capacity
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack)
  • Mixer Ball for Heavy Duty Jobs

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We spent a ton of time developing Metabolic Bioshock and wanted to make sure it had a home that was cool and comfortable. Our OG shaker is simple yet elegant, sporting a leak-proof lid (well, as much as that can be guaranteed anyway) and it’s BPA Free (because common sense).

Consider this the old school instruction manual they put in retail game packaging – AKA – Feel free to read or just do what everyone else did and discard (because who reads instructions?)

  • Step 1: Fill Shaker With Water
  • Step 2: Add Metabolic Bioshock®
  • Step 3: Shake that Bish Up
  • Step 4: Sip. Game. Enjoy


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