Metabolic Bioshock provides you with an energy drink that’s got your health in mind. Caffeine naturally extracted from Coffee Beans, B Vitamins and Antioxidants are the foundation we built our product on. Then we added Lutein to help support vision health and some other goodies to help balance energy levels and avoid the human equivalent of the “blue screen of death” AKA crashing.

Let’s face it: Even if something is good for you, no one wants to drink nasty stuff. We’ve flavored a lot of health products in our day so we made sure that Metabolic Bioshock was on point with flavors. If you’re going to drink 16 to 20 oz of something, it has to taste great and we’re confident you’ll find a flavor to make your main.

Ok, full disclosure: We can’t guarantee that this product will make you “cool” as boomers would say. But, by drinking Metabolic Bioshock you’re choosing a cool alternative to traditional energy drinks. So for that, we think you’re pretty cool and others will too….. maybe.

What’s In The Tub!?

Ah, caffeine. Cornerstone of every energy drink right? At DBL XP Labs we’ve learned that caffeine, like gaming, is better when it has other things to lean on. That’s why Metabolic Bioshock has a mix of stimulant and non-stimulant ingredients to balance things out. Theacrine can help provide smooth, longer-lasting energy to keep the initial Caffeine buzz going while L-Theanine helps can help smooth out the ride for those “stim-sensitive” individuals. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, VitaCholine®, Rhodiola and a few other herbal extracts can help support neurotransmitter balance to help boost focus.

Antioxidants are all the rage and for good reason as they can help support several aspects of your health. They can help support your immune system and potentially help with inflammation reduction. That’s why we made sure to choose one of the highest ORAC value “superfoods” as our source for antioxidants with Acai. We then coupled it with a “jack-of-all-trades” in the form of Panax Ginseng which has a number of potential benefits ranging from its properties as an antioxidant to supporting better mental clarity.

 We’ve all heard the old adage that staring at a computer screen can strain your eyes and it’s true. But sometimes, it’s hard to say no to a multi-hour gaming session. We’re not saying Metabolic Bioshock will help cure any eye issues by any means. But, with an included dosage of Lutein and the addition of Ginseng, it can help support eye and vision health.

What’s NOT In the Tub!?

Choosing Metabolic Bioshock over traditional energy drinks means enjoying a clean energy drink that’s sugar free. Massive amounts of sugar in beverages (or food) lead to a sugar rush followed by a heavy crash and we wanted to provide you with a better option.

Maltodextrin is sometimes called a “sugar masquerading as a complex carb,” meaning it may not add to the sugar column on foods and beverages but is incredibly similar. A lot of companies use this in place of sugar for this reason along with the fact that it’s cheap. Finally, it can spike blood sugar levels even more than regular table sugar.

These just sound bad, right? Well, they’re not the best things to put into food and beverages that’s for sure. A number of artificial colors are derived from petroleum, which is used to make gasoline and asphalt. Some of them even contain compounds that are known carcinogens (AKA substances linked to causing cancer). As a result, we decided to skip out on the artificial colors to keep things nice and clean.

Simply Put…